Free training on geNorm & global mean normalization

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geNorm matrix

What to expect

In this session you will learn the scientific insights on two qPCR normalization strategies:

  • geNorm allows you to find stable reference genes from a set of tested candidate reference genes in a given experimental condition.
  • Global mean normalization examines all targets for normalization and is useful for experiments in which a large number of unbiased genes are measured (e.g. whole genome miRNA profiling).
I will also show you how to put the theory into practice using qbase+.

Headshot of Bram De Craene - qPCR expert Biogazelle

Bram De Craene obtained his PhD in Sciences (Biotechnology) at Ghent University in 2005.
As a postdoc he got skilled in a broad range of molecular techniques to study the process of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) during cancer progression. He joined Biocartis in December 2014 as technical lead to design and develop in vitro diagnostic tests.

As a consultant with Biogazelle he supports the qPCR analysis software qbase+ and he is trainer of (inter)national qPCR courses.