Free training on the analysis of gene copy number variations

Screenshot of CNV analysis in qbase+

During this session I'll give you with as many scientific insights on copy number variation (CNV) analysis as possible.

In the second part I'm going tot show you the module for CNV analysis which enables you to do quality control, normalization, copy number calling and visualization using qbase+.

Headshot of Bram De Craene - qPCR expert Biogazelle

Bram De Craene obtained his PhD in Sciences (Biotechnology) at Ghent University in 2005.
As a postdoc he got skilled in a broad range of molecular techniques to study the process of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) during cancer progression. He joined Biocartis in December 2014 as technical lead to design and develop in vitro diagnostic tests.

As a consultant with Biogazelle he supports the qPCR analysis software qbase+ and he is trainer of (inter)national qPCR courses.

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