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qbase+ is an easy way to truly accelerate your real-time PCR data analysis. Get reliable results faster than ever before.

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geNorm M value shown in qbase+

20 times faster than Excel

Select the optimal set of reference genes from a series of tested candidate reference genes. The qbase+ implementation of geNorm provides 5 great benefits compared to its predecessor in Microsoft Excel:

  • fully automated calculations
  • handling of missing data
  • expert reporting for in depth understanding of your results
  • allows ranking of candidate reference genes up to the single most stable gene
  • at least 20 times faster than the geNorm implementation in Excel
sample quality control window in qbase+

Reliable quality control at your fingertips

It’s essential to evaluate the quality of post-qPCR data and to discard data points that don’t meet the predefined criteria prior to drawing conclusions. That’s why qbase+ offers several types of quality control:

  • evaluation of the PCR efficiency
  • determination of reference gene expression stability
  • control on PCR replicate variation
  • assessment of both positive and negative controls
  • evaluation of deviating sample normalization factors
  • quality control on inter run calibration

Import your run data in seconds

qbase+ accepts export files with Cq values from most qPCR instruments including:

Bio-Rad: manufacturer of the CFX384 cycler Roche: manufacturer of the LightCycler qPCR machines Agilent technologies: manufacturer of the MX3000P and MX3005P qPCR cyclers Applied Biosystems: manufacturer of QuantStudia, 7900 & Viia7 qPCR cyclers Illumina: manufacturer of the Eco System
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Analysis wizard

Depending on the final aim of your analysis, the wizard guides you through the relevant quality control parameters, amplification efficiency settings, normalization methods & scaling parameters.

Guided statistical analysis

The statistical wizard is tailored towards the typical needs of biologists performing qPCR analysis. Minimizing the use of statistical lingo, it asks only essential input, and provides the required information to guide the user to the appropriate statistical test and accompanying settings.


qbase+ is an essential part of our qPCR analysis workflow. It provides all the features we require and tremendously speeds up data analysis. It is easy and straightforward to use, which is helpful when teaching new lab members.

Professor, Paracelsus Medical University