Assess the measurement error of your qPCR cycler for free

Validate my instrument


Can I rely on the measurements of my qPCR machine?

Thanks to our run homogeneity test you no longer need to ask yourself if your cycler is measuring as expected. After analysis of the run data, this easy and free application provides you with a graphical report on the measurement error of your machine.

Four green thumbs demonstrate you can rely on its measurements. One or more red thumbs indicate your cycler possibly needs to be calibrated or repaired. Perhaps you can work-around the issue by avoiding specific zones of the plate, as indicated on the heatmap.

Our blog post "Functional validation of a qPCR instrument" will give you additional background information on this matter.

Please keep in mind this is a free tool, offered as-is, without any support whatsoever.  We welcome all feedback!